Chartreuse (BETA) Is Dead
Sir! No Sir! Trailer



This is a statement of the PS3's power. The PS3 brings a baby doll to life mimicing emotions like a real one. Once the baby smiles like a real one would smile at it's mother. It's facial expression shows it wants to cry. followed by an evil laugh, a high pitch gasp and you see it's eyes light up like fire. But it's a small clip of the most powerful game Sony has made with the Cell and Blue Ray. Resistance: fall of man. The room that this takes place in is also in another Sony video, where they explain the power of the Cell and Blue Ray. Anyway the fire in the baby's eyes turn red before the PS3 ascends and the doll says "mama". If you notice the words "Play B3yond". The 3 is also red, establishing a connection to to the clip you saw in the baby's eyes. Also when the doll wasn't alive you couldn't see it's reflection on the glossy PS3. Showing you that the doll is a reflection of Sony's power (it's mother). The ///7 means 11/17/2006 The PS3's launch date.


Oh forgot to mention, it has an eerie theme because we're one day away from Halloween. Muuuuwwwwaaaahhhahaha :)

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