Were You Caught in the Viacom Takedown?
TIMZ - Iraq

Are You an Anarchist or Radical Artist Who's a YouTube Nut?

Maybe you should be posting videos at The Postmodern Anarchist!

You see what I've been up to.  If that's something to which you can relate and you'd like to contribute your own selections, drop me a line:

On the advertising tip, the Amazon ad doesn't really make any money, but if you would only get involved in the total absence of ads posted by The Postmodern Anarchist, let me know and we'll take it from there.  I have no problem with getting rid of them and, though this is an Altered Beta property, no revenue is required to keep it running.

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anarchy jordan

come over and check out these altered videos... i bet you'll like em.
love n' rage
- anarchyjordan


Interesting post...

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